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In accordance with the Cambodian government’s objective to increase rice exports to one million tons annually by 2015, Vong Bun Heng Rice Co., Ltd., also contributes to this project in order to enhance the economy of Cambodia as well as the living standard of Cambodian farmers.

Our company has been operating in this business for over 30 years since 1984 in Cambodia, thus providing us the experiences with all kinds of rice, paddy, broken rice, bran and husk from day to day. Vong Bun Heng Rice Co., Ltd., is recognized as one of the leading international rice producers in Cambodia as the whole factory is operated by professional workers and equipped with the most advanced technological machines such as triple polishers, double color sorters, and so on. These production lines have the capability to produce 200 tons of premium rice each day.

A trusted, active company, Vong Bun Heng Rice Co., Ltd., not only provides prestige products of all kinds of rice, paddy, broken rice, bran, and husk, but also offers first class services such as drying, milling, blending, reprocessing, packaging and so on.

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